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bust of a rainbow woman , dreamy and ethereal, blue eyes, golden ratio, ornate frilly dress, fantasy, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth,sharp focus, illustration, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha

portrait of magical lolita girl, dreamy and ethereal, expressive pose, pink eyes, ornate frilly dress, fantasy, intricate, elegant, Many bubbles in the background, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha

Cyberpunk airport,GregRutkowski,artstation

A floating castle built under the starry sky,deep universe. Galaxy,fantasy,lighting,magic,HD, created by greg rutkowski and thomas kinkade, trending on artstation.

a beautiful detailed 3d matte painting of one cute magical owl ,sparkling with colourful energies in a brilliantky coloured fantasy setting,Behind is an ornate gothic palace in medieval Europe, by beeple and ellen jewett and alex horley and Alexander Jansson: 3/magical realism, hyperrealistic, ultrawide angle, smooth, texture, intricate, fantasy, trending on artstation, polarizer filter, volumetric lighting, micro details, 3d sculpture, octane render, 8k,peg artifacts, blur,bokeh

The rolling green hills in the distance and the lake in front of us,Petals and snowflakes falling from above,Studio Ghibli style, dreamy atmosphere,in Makoto Shinkai and Thomas Kinkade and Krenz cushart style,featured on artstation and cgsociety:3,blur:-1,super wide angle,more details

A wide meadow with blue sky and a few clouds above,super wide angle,fantasy matte painting,hyperrealism/in Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki and Kazuo Oga style,featured on artstation and cgsociety,c4d:3,blur:-1,light effect,more details

a beautiful painting of a gucci cottage tree house, anime landscape, morning light, in the style of Ross Tran, Gustav Klimt and studio ghibli, cgsociety Highly Detailed,8k

A beautiful painting of a serene landscape, by studio ghibli and kawase hasui and kazuo oga, light effect, anime art 4k hd wallpaper,trending on artstation, claude monet's color scheme

幻世ai绘画软件 2022-10-25 11:53
symmetrical portrait bust of young woman with shoulder length light brown hair and hazel eyes dressed in a sharp dark teal military uniform and beret, anime, ilya kuvshinov, greg rutkowski, guweiz, ross tran, loish, svetlana tigai, artgerm, artstation trending, concept art, digital painting, painterly

A photo-real delicate iridescent silicone products of an ornate detailed beautiful cute anime girl by Victo Ngai,beeple and takato yamamoto, symmetrical composition,colorful light effect,beatiful,cute,backlit lighting,  slime,subsurface scattering, translucent, Jelly gel texture, octane renderer, colorful, physically based rendering, trending on cgsociety

a woman and a cat, a detailed painting by Xuande Emperor, pixiv contest winner, shin hanga, official art, ilya kuvshinov, pixiv

retrofuturistic sandstone dwelling complex carved into a red rock cliff, a fusion of star wars and neobrutalist architecture, inside a red rock canyon,by lee madgwick, marc simonetti and pat presley, nausicaa ghibli, beeple, howl's moving castle,breath of the wild, epic composition, hanging gardens and flowing water, oasis green plants lush nature,beautiful realistic high detail render, 4k post-processing
幻世ai绘画软件 2022-10-25 11:52
描述与  matte painting, Flame surrounds glowing colored crystals, light effect, Greg Rutkowski and james gurney, artstation, high-definition picture, Unreal Engine.

wide angle,the giant space station of the future ,cloudy,galaxy,stars,light effect,colorful ,by Greg Rutkowski, unreal engine, James Gurney, artstation,highly detailed matte painting,bright color scheme

illustration,four blue mechanical planets like Cybertron is at the top, a cyberpunk city is at the bottom, a yellow warm sun rises behind the city, and the northern lights unfold on a blue sky,fractalism, Intricate details, ultra clear detailed, 8K,soft light.